Connective’s 2021 Year in Review

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Across Houston and the country, many communities struggled this year. With pandemic fatigue, vaccine confusion and compounding natural and economic disasters, we all have faced challenging tests. Our community has risen to each challenge with perseverance and teamwork.

We’re taking time to reflect on all that we have accomplished with the help of our partners this year.

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Assistance programs for our neighbors affected by COVID-19 were in full swing.

Winter Storm Uri arrived in mid-February and turned our world upside down.

Harris County Winter Storm Needs Assessment Survey Results. Connective, 2021

Our community focused their remaining energy on long-term recovery efforts.

Winter Storm, rental and financial assistance expanded by the summer.

Winter Storm Impact as of December 2021. Connective, 2021

Need for relief was still strong in the fall and winter.

Connective has grown considerably in 2021, with the addition of five new staff members: Melissa Langston, Data Analyst, Elaine Morales, Director of Partnerships & Policy, Kevin Argueta, Program Assistant, Morgan Rodgers, Manager of Communications & Marketing, and Rachel O’Connell, Program Manager.

We’re looking ahead to even more program launches and project announcements in 2022. We’re committed to providing our community and partners with the tools they need to thrive.

The Highlights:



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