Special Edition: How to Drive Change with Agile Tech Tools

As a civic technology nonprofit, we pride ourselves on leveraging best-in-class tools to deliver on our mission to transform social services. We expect the tools we use to be as agile and adaptable as we are.

This year, Salesforce showcased Connective’s growth from a pilot program to an established nonprofit at the second annual Salesforce Nonprofit Summit. As part of a Community Spotlight feature, Salesforce celebrated the way we use technology to streamline program functionality for our partners and make social services more accessible for all. Our approach to real-time data collection allows program designers and administrators to gain a real-time understanding of the needs of our community and highlight any gaps in service delivery.

We’re looking forward to a future where we continue to develop innovative solutions for our partners and build a community where we can all thrive.

Read our Salesforce story in-depth and watch the short video below about how we use Salesforce tools to transform social services.



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